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Hip Hop Ukraine: Music, Race, and African Migration (Ethnomusicology Multimedia)





Hip Hop Ukraine, we enter a world of urban music and dance competitions, hip hop parties, and recording studio culture to explore unique sites of interracial encounters among African students, African immigrants, and local populations in Ukraine. Adriana N. Helbig combines ethnographic research with music, media, and policy analysis to examine how localized forms of hip hop create social and political spaces where an interracial youth culture can speak to issues of human rights and racial equality. She maps the complex trajectories of musical influence--African, Soviet, American--to show how hip hop has become a site of social protest in post-socialist society and a vehicle for social change. - forthcoming from Indiana University Press, May 2014! 

Adriana von Helbig

"Hip Hop Ukraine" - forthcoming from Indiana University Press, May 2014! — с Nancy MurrellAlfa-alfa Music-groupKristine A. IzakLesley SchneiderAlfaalfaRecords Pro and Becky Achato.


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